MD-HX - HDMI/SDI Cross Converter m. Scaling & Frame Rate Conversion

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HDMI/SDI Cross Converter for 3G/HD/SD

The MD-HX from Decimator Design is their new, miniature and low-cost HDMI/SDI down up cross converter with Scaling and Frame Rate conversion.
  • Combines several converters for the price of one
  • SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI, Down Up Cross Converter, 1 to 4 distribution amplifier
  • Simultaneously convert HDMI and/or SDI to HDMI and/or SDI
  • Scale and/or convert Frame Rate on either the HDMI or SDI input
  • Re-arrange audio pairs on SDI & HDMI as required
The MD-HX is controlled either via USB on a Mac/Windows app, or on-unit using the LCD screen and button controls.

The unit comes with a metal thread Locking DC Power Supply, HDMI Cable & USB cable.

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